Hello, I’m Mariola Wereszka,

a life coach and the author of the coaching programme “The Universe Wants You To Succeed!” I’d like to welcome you and invite to watch a short video below where I share what my coaching is about.

Warmly, M

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What my clients say

This coaching has changed my life.

Mariola was extremely attentive and sensitive to what was happening in me. The tools she used were perfectly complementary and integrative on different levels, ranging from ordinary life to spiritual experiences. Thanks to all of that I felt seen and taken care of in many ways.

I have achieved the goals I set during the very first coaching meeting. A lot of the things we included during the sessions have gained momentum and are still dynamically evolving.

 I recommend this coaching to everybody who has dreams, desires and goals, but who is afraid to reach out for them or who doesn’t know how to.

Joanna Jakubowicz, Building Community Manager, Poland

Before I hadn’t been able to handle the mess in my life (literally and figuratively). I had been overwhelmed by my relationships with my family and the helplessness in relation to my small children. Already our first sessions brought some positive changes. After each of them I noticed some progress.

Meeting with Mariola gave me the energy to move on and take actions, inspired by creative thinking. I received a lot of practical advice on how to deal with my weaknesses, and her suggestions were appropriate to my situation and needs.

Mariola has the capacity to lift you up, to inspire and light the way to your appointed goal. Some of my problems have disappeared and some others I can now deal with on my own. I definitely recommend Mariola as a coach.

Dominika Posse, teacher of foreign languages, Germany

I recommend Mariola as a coach if you want to change your life.

She uses tools and methods that can transform your life and connect you to the source of who you are. Mariola gives insights and inspires you to reconsider the basics of your thought system, so you can align with your best self and open yourself to brand new unlimited possibilities.

As a result of my coaching I have opened myself to new possibilities 🙂 and have made some crucial decisions for the coming year. I feel more confidence and comfort than ever before about who am I. I appreciate myself more and I’m aware now even more of the value of what I create in my work and life.

Marta Czepukojć, Life coach, Poland