1. Repeating to yourself that you’re a bad mother/father.
  2. Cutting off your feelings and emotions. And the feelings and emotions of your child.
  3. Expecting your child to be hassle-free. Non-problematic
  4. Presenting yourself as the perfect parent.
  5. Acting out failures in relationships, work, finances, etc. in the relationship with your child.
  6. Avoiding being alone with your child.
  7. Constantly criticizing your child. „For good reasons”.
  8. Comparing your child and yourself as a parent to others.
  9. Letting your child do everything, setting no boundaries.
  10. Projecting your own unfulfilled needs and dreams on your child.
  11. Allowing others – family, teachers, doctors, social media … to raise and decide about your child.
  12. Blaming yourself for any failure of your child.

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements … take it easy 🙂

This does NOT automatically mean that you are a bad parent.

This means you need to be a more conscious parent.

And more … a relaxed parent 🙂

If you’re in close contact with your child – emotionally – you “feel” your child, you know it, and you will

naturally, know what to do and what it needs.

You have this skill imprinted in your body and in your brain!

The point is to allow yourself to build such a bond with your child. And to trust yourself.

Also, be sure to read the previous post: what a Loving Parent says…

And start practicing it 🙂


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