What keeps me sane (my daily routine)

I have great respect for people who can function in today’s world – of uncertainty, huge speed, rapid changes, information overload and common anxiety about the future – as normal, without additional support and working on themselves.

And I have a total understanding for those who are unable to do it.

I certainly can’t function normally without my strong, daily routine that keeps me in balance and in good energy.

And today’s blog is all about that: what and why I do every day to deal with the pressure and the rush of modern life.

To prevent me from getting sick and chronic stress.


And here’s the list of my benefits from everyday practice:

✨maintaining a good mood and energy,

✨being in good shape for my family, at work and for myself,

✨appreciating what I have and enjoying my life,

✨physical and mental resistance,

✨good concentration, memory, and mindfulness,


✨openness to new possibilities, people, chances, ideas,

✨not being in rush,

✨making my dreams come true,

✨the efficiency with less effort,

✨having more time,

✨introducing good changes,

✨joy, trust, courage,

✨enjoying being with people,

✨dealing with everyday stress and challenges.


It would probably be even more, but I will stay here.

How is it with you? Do you have your own ways of staying in good physical and mental condition?

Please share it in the comment, let’s exchange good practices that help us live a meaningful life. Let’s create a list of good practices!