1. When I feel hurt by my partner, I just withdraw from the relationship.
  2. I’m so busy I just don’t have time for my partner.
  3. Whenever a serious partner shows up in my life, I immediately run away.
  4. I often criticize my partner.
  5. For important life decisions, I consult with my parents, friends, and mentors … and follow their opinion.
  6. My partner is the cause of all the problems in our relationship.
  7. I try to avoid conflicts, so I don’t speak directly about what I don’t accept.
  8. I have lots of expectations from my partner and I feel angry when he or she doesn’t meet them.
  9. I’m afraid that if I am honest in my relationship I will be rejected.
  10. I have romantic and/or sexual relations with other women /men secretly.
  11. I think I don’t deserve a happy relationship.
  12. I constantly compare my partner to my exes.
  13. I never apologize to my partner.
  14. I fall in love with partners who are unavailable, live far away, or are not interested in relationships.
  15. I wait for the perfect partner.

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