1. Constantly comparing yourself to others. Up and down.
  2. Focusing on what you don’t have and what you can’t handle/do.
  3. Surrounding yourself with critical and negative people.
  4. Asking everyone for advice and approval.
  5. Running away from problems and difficult conversations.
  6. Criticizing and blaming yourself for everything.
  7. Putting the needs, feelings, and problems of others before your own.
  8. Cutting yourself off from your own feelings and acting out instead, e.g. alcohol, shopping, overeating, excessive exercise, workaholism, etc.
  9. The habit of not being rested.
  10. Allowing others to speak on your behalf.
  11. Obsessive focusing on results and achievements.
  12. Rejecting people who love you, like you, and value you.
  13. Not taking advantage of opportunities, chances, and proposals.
  14. Wasting time on trivial matters or pseudo-actions.
  15. Constant changing of goals, ideas, projects, jobs, partners, etc.


  1. Select the ways you sabotage yourself in the list.
  2. Choose 1 – 2 of the most common now.
  3. Decide now what are you going to do differently when this situation arises again/ next time.
    For example: walking around the block instead of overeating,
    writing down what you already have and what is already working, and doing it more,
    planning a difficult conversation with a partner or client and preparing for it, etc.
  4. Do it. Knowing that you will NOT be great at that in the beginning. Give yourself permission for that!
  5. Appreciate yourself for what you do. Your efforts. Going beyond your comfort zone.
  6. On this site, you will find tools and a new perspective to stay on track 🙂
  7. I support you ?


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