A new relationship is always a huge change in our life.

And it should be ?

Why would I even start a relationship if I want to keep my life (and myself) as it was??

We want relationships to make our life EVEN better, happier, more joyful and more fulfilled.

We want a positive change, for sure.

But the truth is, we fear ANY change, positive, negative, big or small…

All changes terrify us because we lose our sense of control and our comfort zone.

As Kahlil Gibran once wrote: love is like a fire that will burn your old self into ashes.

The bigger the love, the bigger the ashes 🙂

Our heart longs for love, friendship, intimacy and commitment,
but our ego will do everything to prevent any change in our lives, especially – in ourselves.

Because the deepest change needs to happen in us.

And that is – letting go of our ego.

Intuitively we know that.

So there is a choice you have to make:

are you ready to let go of your ego, your pride, your righteousness, and your victim perspective…
in order to make some space for someone else in your life?

In order to open yourself to something new, fresh, surprising, and deeper?

In order to allow yourself to become a new you – more loving, joyful, lighter, happier, and freer?

Or do you want to build higher walls around yourself to protect your ego?

Both choices require a big effort.

What would you like your life to be in 5, 10, or 15 years?

Who do you want to become as a person?

If you choose your heart, so your true self and love…

I’d be honored to support you on the way.

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