#3 Fear Of Loosing Freedom in Relationship

Of course, when you start a serious relationship it limits your freedom 🙂

You start sharing your time, space, money, and decisions with the other person, or at least – you want to consider someone else in your choices, whether it’s your partner, your child, a friend, or a business partner.

Otherwise, why would you want this relationship?

On the one hand, you limit your freedom, and on the other – you gain new possibilities.

Like sharing your dreams and future plans with your partner.

Experiencing yourself and your life in a totally new way by being a parent.

Having extra support and inspiration from your business partner.

Ultimately, your freedom depends on how you define it.

Does your freedom mean doing whatever you want to do?

Or being able to choose what are you thinking and feeling in any given situation?

The first one depends on external factors and therefore is very fragile and conditional.

The second one depends on your skill to manage your own mind and gives you empowerment and relaxation.

My advice would be this:

instead of limiting your life by the fear of losing control of external situations,

decide and commit today to develop inner freedom by mastering your mind.

That will give you unshakable peace and stamina to experience your life and all your relationships fully and abundantly.

I teach this in my Coaching Program.

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