5 reasons why the Saboteur is so effective

⭐ 1. Because it is unconscious. ⭐

Consciously, we do not want to boycott our successes, health, relationships, or wealth.

BUT unconsciously, we are acting against ourselves!

And as you know: the unconscious always wins over the conscious …


⭐ 2. Because it triggers fear in us. ⭐

Fear of failure, rejection, loss, being ridiculed …

Ultimately, the game is about our self-esteem.

And to feel valuable, we are going to do everything!


⭐ 3. Because it brings immediate relief. ⭐

It is easier not to set a boundary than to lose someone’s appreciation.

It’s easier to run away from a problem than to confront it.

Easier to pronounce a lack of time, or money … or to get out of your comfort zone.


⭐ 4. Because it is 50% right. ⭐

The Saboteur doesn’t want any changes.

Changes involve risk, uncertainty, threat, and loss of control …

And here he is right: it may go wrong. You can lose. You can miscalculate.


⭐ 5. Because others support him. ⭐

“Stick to your safety and security.”

“Follow what others are doing.”

“She/he is a good person after all.”

“You must have a serious profession.”

Our loved ones, especially our parents, are often our strongest 🙂 Saboteurs, because …

they want to protect us from all the evil and threats of this world.


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