Hello I’m Mariola Wereszka.

I can help you free yourself from toxic fear by which you sabotage your relationships, career, family, health, finances ... everything you crave the most in your life.

Hello I’m Mariola Wereszka.

I help people who sabotage their relationships, careers, or businesses to free themselves from a vicious circle and allow happiness and success in their lives.

The most painful moments in our lives are NOT even the ones when we realize that we did something really stupid. But that we did it AGAIN.
And again. And again…

Do you recognize it?
This is the perfect definition of self-sabotaging.

Do you want to finally end the emotional drama of hope and frustration?
Feel inner peace?

Do you want to be able to rely on your own promises? Have the trust of your loved ones? Create happy relationships?

Do you want to start taking positive actions and be efficient? Feel self-confidence and power?

Do you want to pursue your goals and dreams regardless of external circumstances? Feel fulfilled and successful?

I can help you get out of the vicious circle of self-sabotage once and forever.

Releasing unconscious patterns that have been blocking you - all your life - not only allows you to deal with any challenge
and crisis in your future, but finally you will be free and powerful to create the life you crave for.

I will be honored to help you in this journey.

In my work I use my skills and knowledge as a Life Coach
and a certified Psychotherapist with over eighteen years of experience in professional helping clients.


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