Are you overwhelmed by your inner critic? Here’s what you can do with it…

You know it:

you have a brilliant idea, it just lit you up, you can already see in your mind its beautiful results, you start to act to make it happen… until your internal critic begins to comment, judge and show you how all this is naive, pointless and completely useful.

Your joy and enthusiasm are gone.

Your motivation is now close to zero.

You lost your beautiful vision. You don’t want this anymore and you won’t succeed anyway.

The inner critic is on top again. You want to fire him again. And again it fails…


In today’s video, I’m talking about how to win with an internal critic and take back control of your own life.

See it,  share it, if you like and leave a comment, please 🙂

Next week on the blog about the entrepreneur archetype. Not only for business owners 🙂

Love and have a nice weekend,