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And how to start the healing process

27 November 2019
9 pm CET


Burn-out is a life crisis that embraces the whole od you: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

And like any crisis, it brings both challenges and opportunities.

But we need to know how to use its energy to go to the next level of our lives instead of getting stuck and blocked. We need to cope with and follow the process instead of fight or flight.

Working with people with a burn-out syndrome over the years, including my own burn-out crisis, I’ve noticed that besides a difficult, sometimes even pathological, external situation there are certain internal factors are necessary to develop a burn-out.

These internal forces are our inner emotional patterns that condition our surviving in the world: the inner Child, the Victim, the Sabotager, the Prostitute and the Co-dependent.

We all have them! Because without them we would not be able to survive in this world. But they can work in a supportive and healthy way or in an immature way causing our suffering and the vicious circle of negative experiences in out lives.

During the webinar, I’ll show you what are the survival patterns and how they create a burn-out crisis.

You will be able to recognize the cause of your burn-out and start the process of healing which is – basically – owning back your own power.

Burn-out crisis can be developed if you:

  • work under big stress and pressure,
  • work in a destructive work environment and have no support,
  • have very responsible work assignments and no time to rest,
  • have demanding work and stressful private or family situation,
  • work in a help profession, in a caregiver position,
  • take care of children and family members as your main job,
  • tahe care of a chronically ill family member,
  • work from home,
  • are self-employed ar a business owner having different tasks to embrace.

In the Program:

  1. What is a burn-out crisis
  2. What is the cause of it
  3. How to start the healing process
  4. The Universe Wants You to Succeed! perspective

If you’d like to get to know me better, I invite you HERE to read my story. And be sure to check out my BLOG. See you soon, Mariola


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