Burn-out and the emotional patterns that cause it

Hello 🙂

today a big topic: burn-out.

Big because it can devastate us and our life. Big because it causes lots of suffering. Big because recovery from it takes lots of time, energy, money and it requires many people to be involved. Big because burn-out is becoming a social problem in our society.

For today I have prepared a longer video full of information:

  1. what is burn-out
  2. who may be affected
  3. how does our culture “support” it
  4. what factors are necessary to develop it
  5. where to put your attention if you feel close to your limits
  6. how do our emotional patterns operate
  7. four emotional patterns that condition burn-out
  8. what I’m going to focus on during the webinar

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Much love to you and maybe we’ll see each other next Wednesday on the webinar,