Self-sabotage is blocking and boycotting our possibilities, relationships, happiness, success, and generally good things in life.

You dream of a happy, fulfilled relationship with the love of your life and a common future… BUT you currently feel helpless and afraid, because every time there is a chance of having such a relationship you run away or make this person run away … You run your own business that is your passion, your service to the world, and your huge investment… BUT you already feel overload, even helpless, because you keep repeating the same strategies that work less and less and absorb more of your energy and private time …

If so, you are on the right page!

Sabotaging costs us tons of energy, money and good self-esteem. Ultimately, sabotaging is punishing yourself for not being good enough. Very painful. And very human.

Examples of self-sabotage:

We usually sabotage what we care
about the most, what we want the most.

BBecause our inner Saboteur doesn’t want any changes. It doesn’t want us to be powerful, independent, and free. The Saboteur wants everything to be “as it used to be”. Because whatever we want to do is “so dangerous, tiring, difficult and will not succeed anyway…”
The Saboteur has his helpers: inner Critic, Anxiety, Resignation, Doubts, physical symptoms, and Comparison. The Saboteur is strong, smart, consistent, and operates “from behind the scene”. During the coaching process, we will disempower the Saboteur and empower you. Ultimately you are the boss of your life and the Saboteur – even the smartest one – doesn’t exist without you.

The coaching process takes six months and focuses on recognizing limiting thoughts and behaviors -patterns (or archetypes) and replacing them with more supportive and mature ones. The goal is to free yourself from a vicious circle and start to feel, think, and act differently than in the past. If you don’t change your inner patterns – regardless of your life situation – you will have to repeat the same negative behaviors that cause you suffering and which you don’t want.

The program includes the following modules:

You'll get to know your costs of self-sabotage

You'll activate supportive patterns in your life

You'll release fear that blocks you

You'll take empowering actions

You'll recognize your limiting emotional patterns

You'll be grounded in your new life

And now questions for you:

What becomes possible in your life when you stop sabotaging yourself? How would you feel knowing that you don’t have to repeat the vicious cycle of hopelessness and frustration?

When we get stuck the most important is being in motion. With each step you gain speed, motivation and clarity of your direction.

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