If you want to have a truly great and successful life and business you have to bring to your goals as broad a perspective as you can imagine. Which means including and serving as many people as you are able to.

My coaching program grew organically from my personal history, from ten years of my experience as a profesional psychotherapist and trainer, ten years of meditation practice and spiritual training and over twenty years of my journey in the self-development field.

I only share tools and practices that I’ve been using myself and that I’m sure of they are safe, efficient, easy to apply and yes: life-changing!

I keep each coaching process as simple as possible. I’ve learned over the years that the easiest and simplest tools are the most powerful ones.

The program is constantly evolving as I’m growing as a person who is always looking for new tools and questions that can help us live happier, healthier, more joyful and fulfilled lives.

In The Universe Wants You To Succeed Program we focus on your individual needs, goals and circumstances and support them with the following components:

Recognizing your heart desires and using the energy they bring

Embracing and living who you truly are

Connecting to the supportive and creative Universe

Releasing emotional and mental blocks

Maintaining your emotional, mental and physical energy

Staying grounded and acting consciously in the world

And now you:

What would you like to change in the coming 12 months?

What would make your life bigger, happier and more fulfilled?

What is your biggest dream you are even afraid to speak out loud about?

Register for my free online consultation and let’s check how can you make it happen 🙂


A part of the revenue from each coaching process is used to support one of the three non-profit organizations I’ve chosen. As my client you can participate in the decision to which of them a part of your money goes.