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Do you sabotage your relationships?

5 Crucial Steps to Stop

Have you always dreamed of building a happy, fulfilled and long term relationship with the love of your life?

A relationship in which you feel loved, appreciated and more and more engaged over time?

BUT currently you feel helpless, lost and maybe even guilty because whenever you start a new relationship – sooner or later – you boycott it?

Or maybe you are now in a relationship but somehow you’re ruining it?
And you can’t break this vicious circle…

This is sabotage pattern. It’s very human. And it’s very painful at the same time.

It can manifest in many different ways, for example:

  • attracting partners who are not available to you
  • keeping your partner at a safe distant, so you cannot engage fully
  • being harsh and critical towards your partner and/or yourself
  • running away whenever there is a possibility for a serious relationship…

Does it sound familiar?
If so, you are on the right page!

I can tell you with 100% certainty: you CAN Free yourself from a sabotage pattern but you’ll have to work on yourself first.

I’ve bee on this journey myself. I’ve accompanied many people in this process working as a psychotherapist for ten years. Now I help my coaching clients stop sabotaging themselves.

During this Free Webinar I’ll show you 5 crucial steps that are necessary to transform negative behaviors and thoughts.

You will learn:

what exactly is a sabotage pattern

how it works in your relationship

5 crucial steps to free yourself from it

It’s time to move on with your life and finally take care of what you desire the most.

You deserve to love fully and be loved and cherished back

You are good enough to build an amazing life with your beloved one.

Ready to start?

About Mariola

Mariola helps people who sabotage their relationships or business to free themselves from a vicious circle and allow love, happiness and success in their lives. She has 10 years of experience in working as a psychotherapist.

In 2013 she published the book “Psychotherapy Is My Political Party”. She has lived and worked in Cracow, Poland, Paris, Massachusetts U.S. and now she lives with her husband and son in Belgium. She offers online coaching in English and Polish.

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