Our mind operates according to patterns and laws.

Like our bodies. Like Nature. Like our whole world.

You have some very supportive, empowering patterns.

And some disempowering and destructive ones.

Just like all of us.

Patterns mean that in a certain situation or with certain people
and inevitably you think, feel and act in a specific way.


You always attract partners who are Victims and expect your protection.

You always behave like a child in the presence of an authority.

Always under-earning. No matter your diplomas, expertise, professional experiences, or companies.

You always come back to this same weight. Or you gain even more.

You always say „yes” to everyone until you are completely exhausted.

You always find a great place to live.

You always find new and wonderful friends.

You always receive appreciation at every workplace.

The most important thing: WE CAN CHANGE OUR PATTERNS.

And we can change them for good.


  1. What are the patterns in our lives?
  2. Examples of how they work.
  3. Why are they so powerful.
  4. How can you change negative patterns – two ways.


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