We are still at the beginning of the new year and the new decade and are planning the next months. A head full of expectations, hopes, big plans, and deepest dreams.

When preparing for what is ahead of you, please remember that not everything is as it seems:

  1. Courage and courageous actions do not come from putting on armor, fierce competition and fighting the world. This is not courage, but a form of aggression and control that protects us from fear. True bravery begins with accepting yourself completely and showing your true self to others.
  2. Not always solutions that are widely recognized as the best and the most appropriate are the best for you. Often, just when you go against what the majority does, is when you can be the most authentic. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t criticize yourself for that. Trust yourself.

  3. The deepest crisis is also our greatest opportunity to reach for our most valuable talents and mobilize the potential we would never have suspected in us.

    Just being in a crisis means progress, because you are confronted with something that needs to be changed. People can stay in unfavorable relationships, jobs, and addictions for years because they are unable to look the truth “straight in the eye”.

  4. When your body tells you “stop” this is one of the most loving messages you can get at the moment. It is a signal that you have reached your limits and are starting to destroy yourself. Your body is your most faithful and honest friend. Appreciate it. Listen to it. Take care of it.

  5. When we keep making the same mistake or something/ someone upsets us once again, we often think we are going backward. That there is no progress. And we feel powerless. Development is not a linear process but rather resembles a spiral. Diplomas, readings books, attending workshops and seminars do not automatically provide development. They are all very important because they prepare you for change.

    Growth occurs when you jump into the unknown. When you act boldly. And have no clue how it will be. And remember: there is no return to what was 🙂


Not everything is as it seems …

You have a part in you that is constantly busy helping you 🙂

In the most difficult moments, you were supported the most.


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