Every time you set a goal, decide also what you give up …

Hi September!
For some of us, this month – just like the school year – is measured as the beginning of a new stage. I like to have two beginnings: in January and September 
Looking from a broader perspective, we are now in a time of rapid and surprising changes and breakthroughs. It knocks us out of our balance and sense of security. At the same time, we can use this wave of energy for rapid development and transition to a higher level. But to make it happen, you can’t have sloppy actions or lazy thoughts. This time requires internal discipline and focus as well as bold moves.

If you want to change something permanently:
1. set 3-5 professional and 3-5 personal goals for this school year. The ones that, from the perspective of 10 years later, WILL REALLY MATTER TO YOU.
2. Also, remember that we have the habit of overestimating what we are able to achieve in 1 year. And we underestimate what we can do in 5 years – this is Tony Robbins’ golden advice.
3. It also means that you are giving up some other goals this year: chose 3-5 goals in personal life and the same in professional life.

And the most important is your internal discipline:
1. what do you focus on – your thoughts
2. with what attitude do you approach everyday activities – your feelings, emotions
3. do your goals serve only you or do they have – directly or indirectly – a positive impact on the largest possible group of people: do you act from the perspective of a small ego or your soul.


Let me know how you’re doing. And what you need on the road.
Love, Mariola

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