Five experiences that have changed my life forever

Since I was a student I was reading, doing and practicing lots of things in order to improve my life and be happier. When I look back on the course of my life I see clearly that these five situations/ experiences made me grow the most and took my life to the next level:


1. Doing things in group
I started as a scout in my primary school. Then as a student I joined the zen sangha and thanks to that the Zen Peacemakers. Each time engaging in a group and especially doing things together, including meditation, boosted my growth. Yes, it pushed all my buttons. Yes, it challenged my boundaries. Yes, it confronted me with my own shadow. But also I’ve never received so much support, love and a sense of oneness.

2. Travelling and living in foreign countries
I love travelling and I see it as a spiritual practice. Especially living in a foreign country, which has happened to me already three times: France, the U.S. and now Belgium. It gives me an opportunity to examine who I really am without all my safety, like my position, connections, daily routines, even my language. In the end it sets me free. And freedom is one of my core values.

3. Meditating
I’ve been practicing different forms of meditation for ten years. I love doing it! By meditating I’m looking for the silence between my thoughts. It helps me rest and renew myself. Understand myself better. Connect on the deepest level with others. Appreciate myself, my life and everything that is.

4. Going out to the world and being of service
For me, a classic introvert, going to the world and offering something is always challenging. Unless I do it as a service. Writing my book „Psychotherapy is My Political Party” was a service to me. Being part of the staff in the International Auschwitz Retreat and Ravensbrück Retreat for Women – was a service. Accompanying, together with my husband, Bernie Glassman and Eve Marko during his recovery from a stroke – was a service. It all opened my heart beyond my understanding. It allowed me to experience the state of selflessness and be a part of something much bigger than me.

5. Having a child
This is a still relatively new experience to me, since my son is only twenty month old, but I can already see how transformative it is to me. Having my own child triggers my deepest patterns and fears that I wasn’t even aware of before. And ultimately being with my son connects me with the pure energy that he has as a child and opens me to experience the purity of my own heart. So precious.


Have you ever considered what experiences have shaped your life?

I’m so curious what would be your list? Share it please below 🙂


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