Free Webinar

27 May 2020 (Wednesday)
9 pm – 10 pm CET

Question: Do you remember who taught you how to set boundaries, how to say NO?

Hint: Nobody.

Our parents, grandparents and school don’t teach us that…

In general, we are taught NOT to set boundaries, but to say YES even if we actually feel and think NO. We are encouraged to agree no what others expect from us, demand or want…

And for that we’re rewarded and liked.

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely don’t think that we should constantly say NO. And that our strength and happiness are build on refusing.

Rigid boundaries create an isolation from others and ourselves because in this way we separate a big part of our feelings and emotions.

Paradoxically, the global pandemia crisis has shown us clearly how difficult and unnatural it is ti us to live in isolation.

So what are healthy boundaries and how to set them in our daily lives?
All of that I’m going to cover in this Free Webinar.

You will learn:

  1. What healthy and unhealthy boundaries are
  2. What damaging beliefs we have about boundaries
  3. What prevents you from doing that
  4. And how to practice healthy boundaries on a daily basis

As usual, there will be a lot real examples from my own life and practice of over 15 years of working with people. And I’m going to share some “knowhow” and tools from my psychotherapeutic experience so you can understand and protect yourself and others.

Please join me and invite your friends!

About Mariola

Mariola helps people who sabotage their relationships or business to free themselves from a vicious circle and allow love, happiness and success in their lives. She has 10 years of experience in working as a psychotherapist.

In 2013 she published the book “Psychotherapy Is My Political Party”. She has lived and worked in Cracow, Poland, Paris, Massachusetts U.S. and now she lives with her husband and son in Belgium. She offers online coaching in English and Polish.

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