Healthy or mature Anger is a message that someone, including myself, has just crossed my boundaries.

The energy of mature Anger is used to:

  1. take the necessary action now and
  2. change the unhealthy situation as soon as possible.

Healthy Anger is not about attacking or hurting anyone, including myself.

Mature Anger is always neutral, which means not focused on a person but on healing a situation that doesn’t serve anyone.

Mature Anger’s function is to set healthy boundaries as soon as possible.

Toxic Anger is about attacking and destroying someone else, or even myself.

It needs a target which is a person.

Immature Anger always comes from unhealed and very often unconscious psychic wounds.

It gives short and temporary relief but doesn’t heal or fix anything.

It creates a vicious circle of acting out from the unprocessed pain.

Everyone has both – mature and immature Anger.

Focus always on your healthy one.

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