Healthy or mature Fear is our mechanism to protect us from all sorts of danger.

Physical danger, emotional and social danger as much as spiritual, financial, health danger, etc.

It shows up ONLY in a moment of REAL danger.

It’s reliable, automatic, and fast.

It mobilizes us to act in the best possible way in order to protect ourselves.

And the moment the danger is gone the mature Fear is gone as well.

That’s it.

Toxic or immature Fear has many masks like anxiety, worries, stress, the need to control…

You live in constant fear as if you’re in constant danger. Which is not true in your real life.

Or your mind creates a danger that is just imaginary and in your head. But not true in your real life.

It’s not adequate for the real, current situation.

It’s always too much or too little.

It exhausts the body, the psyche, and the people around you because it lasts much longer than necessary or it’s denied when needed and then causes extra costs.

It often manifests as physical symptoms or acting out (stress relief in action).

The most common reactions from Immature fear are: being frozen, fighting when not necessary, or running away from the problem.

The result is always the same: a vicious circle of fear and pain.

If you struggle with toxic Fear check out in your life where you have too much fear – what areas of your life – and when you have too little healthy Fear – which areas and relations, so in other words where in your life you could protect yourself more?

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