The healthy or mature Hopelessness is about surrender.

I have to let go of my need for control over something much bigger and more powerful than me.

I can call it Life, or God, or the Universe, or Love, or Destiny…

I have to acknowledge that I’m not in charge of the external situation, the outside world.

But humble up and accept that I’m just a piece or a wave of the whole ocean.

My ego doesn’t like it. At all 🙂

But true surrender always comes from a deep trust and because of that it also brings relaxation and freedom and a sense of being taken care of – no matter what the external situation is now.

I’m still a co-creator of my own life and the external situation but I’m aware that there is a bigger force that runs the show.

The toxic or immature Hopelessness is about trying to fight this bigger force.

And that will always, always end up with exhaustion and loss.

I can never win against life since I’m just a small part of it.

The toxic Helplessness can also manifest itself as not taking responsibility for myself and my deeds.

I let go of my responsibilities to something outside of me and I can blame it afterward.

I feel totally dependent on external circumstances, other people, state policies, my religion, the constellation of the planets, the culture I was born in, my parents…

… and Iet them direct and control me and my life.

And then complain even more.

So what are you choosing today?

I’m not saying it is easy.

I’m saying: you have a choice.

And please notice: you cannot trust and surrender to anything or anyone if you don’t trust yourself first.


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