The healthy or mature Joy is about feeling a deep YES to everything 🙂

It’s only possible when I’m fully present here and now.

And when I’m in deep contact with myself and everyone and everything in my current situation.

The mature Joy is about being one with my Life.

Trusting Life, feeling supported by Life and following Life.

The healthy Joy allows me to feel that other people, myself and the world, in general, are good, are ok, and are perfect as they are right now.

Please notice that the mature Joy opens for us gates of abundance since all the possibilities, gifts and best solutions are available for us ONLY here and now 🙂

The toxic and immature Joy is about something quite opposite: it is about being disconnected from myself, others and the current situation.

I’m living in my own mind because I don’t accept myself, others and my life as it is now.

So I create an alternative reality where everything is perfect and controlled by me.

In a soft version, it is denial.

In an extreme version, we call it mania.

Both denial and mania cost us tons of physical and mental energy.

Often also tons of money, good relations, reputation, health…

And sooner or later I’ll have to face the reality of my life as it is.

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