Healthy or mature Sadness is a message that you’ve just lost something or someone precious to you. Or you’re losing it now.

So healthy Sadness helps you STOP and withdraw from your current life and NOT do anything so you can focus on saying goodbye to someone, on letting go, on dis-attached yourself from something.

It takes time. It requires conscious reflection and reconsidering your own values. It’s a process.

It’s one of the most natural feelings for us – human beings – because our lives are a journey of loss and letting go…

Loss of our youth, some of our hopes and dreams, people we loved, animals we adopted, places, jobs, physical fitness, years of our lives…

Once you follow your healthy Sadness and the process of grief it WILL stop at some point and you’ll be able to focus your attention and energy outside.

To come back to your busy life but be enriched by this experience.

You’ll be able to feel deeper, understand yourself and others better, and be more prepared for the next loss.

Unprocessed grief will manifest in a lack of physical energy, maniacal acting or not being able to feel any feelings and emotions (joy, enthusiasm, peace, curiosity, love…).

The toxic or immature Sadness is when you’re stuck in your past.

You feel sad all the time.

You don’t want to let go of control and acknowledge the loss.

You want your life to be like it was before. Your way.

Toxic Sadness is about attachment to someone or something from your past and not allowing
the necessary change.

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