Holidays live meetings on fb and ig

Hello, hello, hello 🙂

How is this summer going for you?

I hope you enjoy this time, no matter if you mostly rest or work. I do both, but basically, in July and August, I am in a holiday mood. I rest, I relax, I slow down, spend time with my family and do more things that I love.

This same holiday mood you can feel on my blog. I don’t publish my typical video post every Friday, like in the school year. But you can meet me live, although online 🙂 every Friday morning, at 10 am during my live meeting on FB and IG. Every week I prepare a new topic for you. Afterwards, you can watch the video recording on my FB page: The Universe Wants You To Succeed. I’ll be continuing until the end of August. See all the details on the graphic below. July’s topics:

  1. Who is a Miracle Worker – and what are miracles in our lives
  2. How do you lose your power – and how you can gain it back
  3. Love Relationships – three illusions that prevent us from creating loving and intimate relationships
  4. What is true healing – and what definitely is not

If you would like to watch them just jump on my FB page and you’ll find all of them there.

And here’s the schedule for August:

I wish you a sunny and joyful August and let’s meet on Friday morning live,

Love, Mariola