Inner power is necessary to:

  • managing your life the way you want,
  • dealing with challenges, problems, and crises,
  • pursuing your goals and dreams,
  • protecting your physical and psychological boundaries,
  • being independent and fulfilled.


Most often, we unconsciously, dispel our power or give it to others.

Check how it’s with you:

1. You try to be someone else than you are. You copy others

Your greatest strength is your uniqueness. There is no other person like you among the 7 billion people on this planet. Trust that you have something special to offer to the world. The most important question you can ask yourself is: who am I. It takes time to find out.


2. You are physically and mentally exhausted

No wonder you can’t think clearly, make good decisions, control your emotions and be creative. Stop. Rest. Start by getting enough sleep. Make it your priority.


3. You want to control what you have no control over. Other people, situations …

You spend your energy on meaningless actions. You can only control yourself. It’s enough to have an amazing life! Start by taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is huge!


4. You judge others or yourself

Both are the same. Your inner Critic will always find something to judge. When you feel that you are good enough now – it will be a real breakthrough in your life. Start by noticing the inner voice of the Critic in yourself: “ok, thank you already.” This is just one of many aspects of you. You are much bigger than that.


5. You live in your past or future

You miss all the opportunities, chances and solutions that are present in your life now. Start by focusing fully on what your next step is. This is the difference between being mediocre and being a master of life.


6. Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are not consistent with each other

You live in constant internal conflict. It’s hard to be healthy then. It’s hard to achieve your goals. Start by being clear on what your values ​​are. And don’t negotiate them anymore. Neither with yourself nor with others.


7. You are jamming yourself

You don’t have a moment during the day when you’re in silence and you can hear yourself. You are flooded with information, images, sounds, lights, conversations, emails … Start by doing an information reset. 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 week and listen to your body, thoughts, and emotions. You will be surprised by what you discover.


8. You live in constant fear

No matter what happens or doesn’t happen, you are always ready to fight or flight. Your life is about clinging to old strategies for survival. And somehow you manage to survive. The alternative is to create your life. Start asking yourself: what else can I do in this situation that will bring me better results? Repeat like a mantra.


9. You think that what you do doesn’t matter

You’re in the illusion of achievement, where only immediate effect and size matter. Actually the opposite is true: absolutely everything you do and how you do it matters. For you, for your loved ones and for all of us. Don’t believe your wounded ego. Start by being the best version of yourself every single day. And expect miracles 🙂


10. You fight life

If so, you will always lose, because Life is something much bigger and more powerful than any of us. Start by appreciating what you already have. Every day, thank you for three things. You’ll see how soon there will be new reasons to be grateful for.


Let me know how it’s with you? What weakens you the most? What are your ways to take your power back? What help do you need?

Love and I wish you a beautiful autumn weekend,


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  1. Gertie Driessen

    i m guilty of most of them

    1. Mariola Wereszka

      Hi Gertie,
      I don’t think any of us is free from them… Let’s take them as reminders and tips when we get lost, not as another reason to punish ourselves 🙂

  2. Marta Czepukojć

    Great tips. Thanks 🙂

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