How I realized my big dream – a case study :)

Here I am, a 27-year-old psychotherapist, for three years at work in the profession, just after the school of psychotherapy, shouting, to the telephone handset: “Professor, you must be in this book!”

It is about the book “Psychotherapy This Is My Political Party”,

which is a collection of twenty interviews on the beginnings of Polish psychotherapy. The professor I am talking to is one of the Nestors of this method, whom I only know from books and legends. And a fragment of the quoted conversation is my first invitation to the book, which I will publish six years later. I want to add that the professor agreed.

Writing this book became my big dream.

I really wanted to 1. get to know and tell this story that no one had ever described before 2. express my deep gratitude and admiration for people who sacrificed the enormity of their lives to introduce professional psychotherapy in Poland, which was all about treating psychiatric patients and their families in a human way.


It took me another six years to complete the book. That was caused by many amazing, beautiful, difficult and surprising events:

πŸŒͺSome interviewers withdrew their consent to the publication and we recorded the interviews completely anew.

πŸŒͺ Others wanted to take part a second time because they had already forgotten that they had been interviewed.Β  It took me years to prepare some authorizations.

πŸŒͺI will never forget those sleepless nights preceding the meetings with my professional authorities and professors, whom I had known up to then from books or lectures.

πŸŒͺ Before each conversation I felt insufficiently prepared.

πŸŒͺΒ People I only knew by name called me, offering unique photos from their private collections, expressing their support and help, or just to criticize me and the whole project.


How come πŸ“• appeared in 2013 almost as I had dreamed it to be? The most important reasons are:

1. Unshakable faith in my dream.

2. Focus on solutions, not difficulties.

3. Huge help from my family and friends, people from the psychotherapeutic milieu and “from the outside”.

4. Consistency, courage, patience and constant learning from mistakes. A lot of mistakes …


Why did it take so long? Primarily:

1. Lack of plan and structure! Yes, I had an idea for a book. Details were clarified while I was writing. And that was ok. But I lacked a structure that I could lean on when it was getting tough, when I was tired, lost and when difficulties accumulated.

2. My tendency to do everything on my own. Today, I would involve more people to work on the book and would better enforce individual tasks.

3. Lack of organized financing of the book, which from the beginning imposed an additional burden on me and slowed down the writing process.

4. Treating work on the book as a pleasure and an additional occupation, not as a priority.


What did the experience of writing give me? Β A LOT πŸ™‚

🌟 A huge leap in professional and personal development.

🌟 Moments of deep connections with people.

🌟 Experience of accomplishing a big project including about 50 people.

🌟 A deep sense of fulfillment. My dream became a gift for others.


My advice to you:

1. Trust your dream! Remember that big dreams always go beyond our individual needs and benefits. They always put us at the service of others. And that’s why you’ll always get the necessary guidance and help.

2. Don’t repeat my mistakes! Take care of yourself, make a plan, build a structure that will give you support, reach for help. Don’t let your big dream die of causes that are easy to avoid.

Β If you have a dream that moves your πŸ’“ ignites light in you, activates all your talents and skills, that fills you with joy and strength – don’t give up! You are on the right path.

Your dream has its own timing ⏰ It won’t wait for you endlessly! So do not postpone it until you are ready. Because you won’t ever be πŸ™‚ We learn the most and the fastest from our experience: acting, creating, going out to the world and making thousands of mistakes.

And don’t be afraid of adversity πŸ‘©β€πŸš’πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’ It will appear 100%, but your dream is much bigger than that! Difficulties on the road are just opportunities for you to become a better person.


Now your turn:

  1. Make your decision not to give up until you have realized your big dream. Even if it means repeatedly changing direction and manner of action. Even if you don’t know how to start. Even if you think it’s not that big and important. (Not true!!)
  2. Start to act.


Trust your dream. Trust yourself!