The Addict makes their well-being dependent on something external: food, drinks, money, achievements, other people’s approval, diplomas, positions, young look, number of likes or followers…

And because they want to feel good, they need those things often.
And then, even more. And more. All the time.

Each of us has the inner Addict. It’s universal.
Because each of us – to some extent – links our well-being to something external.

Our whole western culture is driven by the Addict who wants more, faster, constantly, easy…
We are told that we can always feel good and have whatever we want to – quickly.

Is there another way to feel good but not addicted?


  1. Who is the Addict in us?
  2. What the Addict needs.
  3. What is an addiction?
  4. How does our culture activate the Addict in us?
  5. What is the cause of any addiction?
  6. How to get out of the vicious circle.
  7. How to heal the cause.

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