These 5 universal principles of action apply to every crisis: health, family, work, financial, relational, social, or cultural crisis.

  1. Act differently than before.

Remember: your old strategies led you to this crisis.

You need to find new ways of thinking and acting.

Not acting, running away, or postponing your decisions – will NOT help you overcome a crisis either.

  1. Focus on solutions, not on problems.

Remember: in a crisis, your energy and power are crucial to deal with difficult emotions and changes, and eventually to regaining balance.

Focusing on solutions strengthens your energy.

Focusing on problems, on what you don’t have, don’t like, or don’t want to do – distracts your energy.

  1. Ask for help and support.

Remember: the sooner you ask for help, the faster you get out of the crisis and the less cost you have to pay.

Thinking that you can cope with a crisis on your own is an illusion.

  1. Focus on your priorities. Ignore the rest.

Remember: in a crisis, you need to manage your time and energy very carefully.

People who get stuck in a crisis for years often don’t have enough power to get out of it.

Therefore, focus only on what’s crucial, and don’t be afraid to cut off or postpone everything which is taking away your energy. Mental hygiene is essential.

  1. Look for reliable information.

Remember: reliable information lowers your anxiety, fear, and chaos and allows you to make the best choices and act positively.

It’s worth the time and money to obtain information that will protect you.

💗Talk soon, Mariola

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