Our inner child conditions how safe we ​​feel in relationships and in the world, and how deeply we ​​can trust.

The most important function of a loving Parent in us is … giving safety and unconditional love to our inner Child.

What do we need the inner Adult for?

It’s this aspect of us that is responsible for the logistics of all our goals and plans.

It realizes and puts into action what the Dreamer or the Visionary comes up with.

Its motto could be: just do it 🙂

It works on backstage in a relationship – someone has to shop for a romantic dinner, buy flowers and … pay the electricity bill to watch Netflix 🙂

In your career, it fulfills your duties and shows up at work every day no matter what.

It signs contracts and finds compromises.

It takes care of your health and insurance, your bank balance…

Well, if it doesn’t sound exciting enough for you, let me point out that most of us would love to marry the Adult, work, and do business with the Adult.
Have an adult manager, boss, and clients…

If you have a strong Adult in yourself you have an easygoing, predictable, successful, and never lonely life.


  1. What benefits will you have from being a mature Adult?
  2. The three characteristics of the mature Adult.
  3. Why many of us don’t like to be an adult:)
  4. How to activate a mature Adult in you.

Have a nice weekend and see you next week,
? Mariola

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