How to deal with the isolation time

The first 4-6 weeks of this time are decisive for how you handle this current crisis.

The decisions you take now and when you start implementing them will determine if this time is a mobilization, a time of accelerated development and focusing on possibilities, or if you are overwhelmed by a wave of changes and surrender to general anxiety and resignation.

Due to the fact that we have just entered this global crisis and no one can predict what we can expect, I have decided to prepare for you a video series on how to use the next month or two to 1. strengthen yourself 2. carefully use your energy and resources 3. develop habits that move you to act and not escape or give up  4. make necessary but wise decisions.

Today, the first part is about how to manage your time while at home. What to do, what to focus on and what to avoid.

Let me know if it was helpful. If you have a specific question about our current situation, write a comment, I will gladly reply to it.

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Take good care of yourself and people you can support now.

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❤️ Mariola