How to deal with the fear of the coronavirus

We are currently experiencing the coronavirus pandemonium and the virus of fear pandemonium at the same time. Both are very contagious. Most of the world is in a crisis now. Paradoxically, more people are currently infected with the virus of fear…

I remember from the psychology of crisis that the first weeks are decisive for people going through the crisis, in particular the first 4-6 weeks. At this time, the question is how we will deal with the situation: will we get out of it weakened, maybe even defeated, traumatized, or will we use these circumstances to mobilize our strength, energy, solidarity with others and ultimately overcome difficulties?

That is why today in the video I’m talking about how to protect yourself in a crisis and how to deal with fear.

Watch and forward it if it helps.
Good viruses are also circulating around the world 🙂


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Be well 💛