“Use all the ingredients of your life”

Bernie Glassman

When you can embrace all your feelings and emotions – you feel alive.
When you can allow and accept all your feelings you can be truly authentic and free.
You can build deep relationships with others and experience beauty, art, love, connection,
happiness and joy.

Our emotions can be our wise guides, our dear friends, our strongest supporters. Or – our biggest enemies and obstacles in our lives.
We can learn how to profit from our emotions and feelings and how to deal with the emotions of others so we can finally feel safe and empowered.

Join me at this webinar to talk about our sadness, anger, shame, jealousy… and learn how to embrace and listen to them so they can protect us and serve us as they were designed.


Learn how to trust yourself.

In the program:

  1. What difficult feelings and emotions are
  2. Where they come from
  3. How to embrace them
  4. How to use them in a mature way

Are you ready to do something really important for yourself?

About Mariola

Mariola helps people who sabotage their relationships or business to free themselves from a vicious circle and allow love, happiness and success in their lives. She has 10 years of experience in working as a psychotherapist.

In 2013 she published the book “Psychotherapy Is My Political Party”. She has lived and worked in Cracow, Poland, Paris, Massachusetts U.S. and now she lives with her husband and son in Belgium. She offers online coaching in English and Polish.

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