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How to forgive yourself and others

18 December 2019 (Wednesday)
9 pm CET


Sometimes we carry resentment and pain, even for years, because someone hurt us.

We can’t forgive.

But when we close our hearts to what is difficult and painful, we also close ourselves to what is good in life.

We cannot fully feel joy, happiness, trust and peace. We feel lika a victim and at the same time we carry the burden of toxic emotions and blame. This is the price we pay for our inability to forgive.

Sometimes the most difficult for us is to forgive ourselves. We are overwhelmed by the burden of the past. We did something wrong, we made mistakes or some poor choices, we curse our stupidity or our lack of experience…

For years, we live, in a sense of guilt and shame that deprives us of the joy of life and healthy self-esteem. And we don’t allow ourselves good things, because we feel that we don’t deserve them.

It is worth learning to forgive – yourself and others – because as people we will always make mistakes.

Forgiveness is a healing process. It restores joy and trust. It connects you with your power.

Forgiveness is our natural state. Children do not cultivate resentment, they do not point out to us our mistakes and weaknesses. They don’t judge us or criticize us.

Forgiveness is a practice.

Forgiveness takes time.

You cannot impose it on yourself or another person.

During the webinar you will learn:

  1. What real forgiveness is
  2. How to forgive a five-stop process
  3. What the benefit of forgiving yourself and others are
  4. What the perspective is of The Universe Wants You To Succeed

Forgiveness is one of the most important and… perhaps the most difficult human skills. It requires courage and trust in your heart.

This is a very important webinar, join me for an hour to learn how to take care of yourself.

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Warmly, Mariola

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