Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship in our lives.

Which doesn’t mean you’re always in the first place. Sometimes yes and sometimes no,

it depends on the situation.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important because:

– you’re with yourself all the time πŸ™‚ and it will be like this for the rest of your life πŸ™‚

– it’s a model for all other relationships: the way you treat yourself you will treat others

and allow others to treat you,

– you’re fully responsible for yourself: your thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions,

behavior, and actions.

But in order to choose wisely for yourself, you need to know yourself and you need to trust yourself.

That is why we develop our relationship with ourselves throughout our lives.

How to do it? In this video:

1. Why it is so important to develop your relationship with yourself.
2. What disconnects you from yourself and how to overcome it.
3. What is your inner Truth.
4. How to distinguish between the voice of your small ego and your Truth.

Enjoy watching and please let me know in the comments what is one reason that prevents you

from listening to yourself.

Have a nice day,


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