I’d Like To Tell You Something Important…

It’s ok to feel all feelings and emotions.

Actually, it’s the most natural thing to do for us, humans 🙂

We’re born with the capacity to feel.

We need to feel in order to be healthy and create happy relationships.

In fact, we crave to feel some feelings, like peace, happiness, love, connection, acceptance…

And we’d do everything to feel them.

Allow yourself to feel anything without judgment or guilt.

Just accept that you can feel it all.

As a human being, you have access to all feelings and emotions.

Because this is a part of you.

Trust that every single feeling and emotion comes for a reason.

Healthy feelings and toxic feelings want to tell you something important.

Let yourself feel them all.

Jealousy, anger, frustration, boredom, impatience, helplessness…

It doesn’t mean that you DO whatever you feel to do.

Feelings come to tell you something important about you and your situation.

Allow them, feel them, witness them for a while and then – they will go.

This is the way to deal with your feelings in the healthiest way.

Feelings are there to be felt and lived 🙂

Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel.

Like a loving parent allows a small child to feel anything with patience and understanding.


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