Jump into the unknown

I love learning. Always been like that. I love books, webinars, podcasts, courses… and I use them a lot.

And I also know that deep change or transformation of us comes not from books but from experience. Only when you are in a completely new situation, when you have to act like never before and you have no idea 🙂 where it will lead you – you make progress.

Reading, participating in courses, workshops… all this is very important because it gives you a new perspective and motivation. But only when you jump into the unknown, you release your potential and you can go to a new level of life.

I have learned the most when I decided to write a book, that no one had written before.

When I went to the International Auschwitz-Birkenau Retreat, having lots of fear of this place and not anticipating that I will become a part of the staff.

When I decided to leave my country for my relationship. Dropped my life, which I have built so carefully and all the people who were important to me. And then move to another country, and another one…

If I were to say what helped me in these situations, there were always 3 elements:
1. absolute certainty regarding my decision
2. people who supported me and believed in me
3. tools and strategies that allowed me to deal with the challenges I had to face.


And when, last year, I started creating a Masterclass program, I already knew that:
– it will be based on experience, not collecting information,
– it will be filed with my best tools that helped me and work amazingly for my clients,
– it will be a strong group process because in the group we can make changes much faster and easier.

Yesterday the enrollment for my Masterclass Program “The Universe Wants You To Succeed” started!

It will be closed again on March 1st at 7 pm CET.

If you have the feeling that this Program can be a trampoline to the life you dream of, don’t withdraw yourself again. Check out the details HERE: CLICK 

I’ll be honored to work with you.

Enjoy your weekend☀️