Discover your power.
And express it in the world.

with Mariola Wereszka
March – June 2020

You have a big DREAM.
Something deep-rooted in you. Something essential to you.
Maybe nobody even knows about it.
It’s so big that it scares you totally…
But your heart doesn’t give up. No rational argument can silence this dream.

Deep in your heart, you know what to do, but:

  • – you lack the support an don’t even know how to start,
  • – you are sabotaging yourself,
  • – you low self-esteem is in the way,
  • – you are stuck in your patterns from past…

If you recognize yourself in this description, keep reading 🙂

Masterclass 2020




total price €1000 or monthly payment 4 x €280

”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerfull
beyond measure.
It is our light, not aur darkness
That most frightens us.”

Marianne Williamson

When everything around us changes at a dizzying pace and we can not be sure of anything anymore, we need to activate our inner power and reach for our hidden talents.

We need to become “bigger” than our personal and global challenges. And we need to trust ourselves completely.

We no longer have time to doubt ourselves and diminish our value. We can no longer afford to meet someone else’s expectations. This is not the time to hide in the corner.

Either you follow the mass consciousness and you let other people’s beliefs and fears to control you. Or you take full responsibility for yourself and become the leader of your life. Surviving or creating. What do you choose?

If you want to use this time of challenges and rapid changes to accelerate your development and expand your life – this group is for you.

Our goal is to activate your inner power and to boldly express it in the world. We allow your heart to lead and we mobilize all your resources to support you on this journey. Your dream is now your most important guide!

What can you expect from this Masterclass:

  1. You will start realizing your dream. Ready like newer before!
  2. You will activate the mature aspects of yourself – the inner Master, the Entrepreneur, the Adult, etc.
  3. You will unblock your inner strength and start acting boldly 🙂
  4. Your self-esteem and confidence will increase because your old blockades will fall off.
  5. You will build emotional balance and better handle stress and challenges.
  6. You will experience more freedom and peace in relationships. Set healthy boundaries.
  7. You will discover how your intuition works and how to use it daily.
  8. You will significantly accelerate your personal and professional development.
  9. You will receive proven and transforming tools to user in your entire life.
  10. You will meet people who share the same longings and dreams as you.

Every month we work on a different topic: how to strengthen intuition and self-confidence; how to act optimally; how to create conscious relationship and how to be a master of your life.

Every month we activate other SuperPowers – archetypes: the Master, the Protector, the Loving Parent, the Entrepreneur, the Leader…

Every month we de-activate one key blockade: the Saboteur, the Wounded Child, the Victim, the Guilt.

Every month we de-activate one key blockade: the Saboteur, the Wounded Child, the Victim, the Guilt.

Working in a group that supports each other’s development makes changes and transformation much easier and faster. And we have more fun 🙂

This four-month process is a mental, emotional and spiritual pregnancy that will give birth to a new You. You’ll finish stronger, wiser, happier and lighter of the past burdens. At the same time more grounded in your life and in the world. You’ll be transformed…

About Mariola

Mariola is an international coach, mentor and teacher of personal development. She has ten years of experience in working as an individual and group psychotherapist. In 2013, she published the book “Psychotherapy is my political party”.

Since 2008 she has been working in an international environment. For several years she had served as a staff member and group facilitator during the international Auschwitz Bearing Witness Retreat and International Retreats for Women in Ravensbrück.

She has lived in Poland, France and the U.S. and currently in Belgium.

Masterclass with Mariola Wereszka
March – June 2020

total price €1000


monthly payment: 4 x €280

The program includes:

  • – 16 x group sessions online (32 hours)
  • – 2 x individual sessions
  • – video and audio recordings of each session
  • – 4 audio recordings of energetic meditations
  • – ebook and videos available only to participants
  • – meetings in a small group, of 4-6 people
  • – private FB group.

To reserve your seat: make full payment of €1,000 or start with €280 for the first month of the program.
To guarantee your place in the program your payment needs to be confirmed before.

Schedule details (this schedule in subject to change)

I March:
Activate your inner compass

1. Session

  • Welcoming in the program.
  • Introduction to the Council practice.
  • Mini-workshop: how your intuition works.
  • Introduction to the Voice Dialogue method: the Controller.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary

2. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Introduction to the Soul Body Fusion© practice.
  • Coaching work: who you can be.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Integrated Adult.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

3. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Introduction to the practice: a question to the Universe.
  • Coaching work: what empowers you, what disempowers you.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Victim.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

4. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: where are you on the way to your dream.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Critic and the Judge.
  • Guided meditation: Energizing your body.
  • Connecting with the earth chakras.
  • Summary.

II April:
Acting optimally in the world

5. Session

  • The Council practice
  • Coaching work: when you work optimally.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Entrepreneur.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary

6. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: Your priorities.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Saboteur.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

7. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Mini workshop: when you try too hard.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Co-dependent and the Leader.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

8. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: what is balance in your life.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the balanced Femininity and Masculinity.
  • Guided meditation: releasing the survival fear.
  • Summary

III May:
Creating conscious relationships

9. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: how to deal with difficult emotions.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Lover.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

10. Session

  • The Council Practice.
  • Mini workshop: 4 ways to improve your relationships.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Loving Parent.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

11. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: competition vs cooperation.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Warrior
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary

12. Session

  • The Council practice
  • Coaching work: Your unique talents
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Prostitute.
  • Guided meditation: releasing patterns form the past.
  • Summary.

IV June:
Being the master of your life

13. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Coaching work: dealing with anxiety and doubts.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Wounded Child.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

14. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Introduction to the practice of taking 100% responsibility.
  • Mini workshop: how to fall and how to rise.
  • The Voice Dialogue: Big Mind, Big Heart.
  • Mini meditation.
  • Summary.

15. Session

  • The Council practice
  • Coaching work: Your dream is a gift for the world.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the Goodness / the God.
  • Guided meditation: meeting your inner guides.
  • Summary.

16. Session

  • The Council practice.
  • Mini workshop: guilt and forgiveness.
  • The Voice Dialogue: the way and the Follower of the Way.
  • Program summary.

Masterclass with Mariola Wereszka March – June 2020

Copyright by Mariola Wereszka 2020