Learn the 3 universal elements of any relationship

that guarantee immediate improvement and emotional ease in any situation, always!

In the program:

✅The 3 Basic Elements Of Every Relationship.

And How To Build On Them.

✅ The 3 Secrets That Will Immediately Take Away Pressure From You In Any Relationship.

✅ The 3 Universal Blockades in Us And How To Release Them.

✅ Live Coaching Session For Participants.

This webinar is for you if:

▶️You want to create fulfilled relationships without emotional drama

and giving up on yourself.

▶️You've tried to give the most of you and/or the least of you

but always finished frustrated and lonely.

▶️You feel exhausted of repeating the same negative experiences in relationship

over and over again.

If that sounds like you, this new Webinar is a MUST.

About Mariola

Mariola Wereszka is a Life Coach and a Psychotherapist with 18 years of experience in professional helping.

For most of her life, she lived and worked in Crakow, where she graduated in Applied Psychology and Philosophy.

She is a certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with ten years of experience in working with clinically ill patients, groups as well as individual clients.

She is also the author of the book „Psychotherapy Is My Political Party".

Mariola is originally from Poland, then lived in Paris and in Massachusetts (USA). Since 2016 she has been living with her family in Belgium.