The Saboteur says: “I can’t trust people anymore…”

Because they let me down, cheated on me, abused me…

I understand.

Definitely, there are people in the world – around us –
who devote all their efforts to making someone feel bad,
or to take advantage of the goodwill of others.

We have two options here:

  1. withdraw, wall up and trust no one anymore,
    as the Saboteur wants


  1. trust YOURSELF MORE.

What are the consequences of these choices?

If you stop trusting anyone, your world becomes very, very small,
because you won’t go beyond what you are able to control.

Small world = small goals = small achievements = small life.

As you begin to develop self-trust, you’ll take more and more responsibility for yourself.
For your thoughts, feelings, reactions, choices …

= more freedom = more sense of power and efficiency in life.

If you calmly and honestly consider the situation in which you have been deceived,
it turns out that you’ve given the responsibility for yourself to others because …
… you’re looking for a shortcut.

Minimizing effort.
Fast results.
Needing approval and acceptance …

I see it always, always, ALWAYS when I’m being honest with myself
and when we uncover new layers of feelings and motivations of my clients.

No judgment here. It just means that we don’t believe enough in ourselves.

Building self-trust is a process.

A process that requires:
A good self-esteem
and being uncompromising in following your truth.

But everything worthwhile in life requires commitment.
You already know that.

This is what I teach in coaching:
building self-trust,
and focusing on the long-term results.

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself more?

If you want to learn it, I invite you on the journey,
that will completely change your life.

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Speak soon,
? Mariola

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