Self-care during a crisis. Not optional


every crisis is a highly transformative time but also a very disruptive process of rapid and unexpected changes.
There’re serious challenges we have to face and the amazing potential that has never been available for us before.
We are fearful and uncertain because we lose control over our lives and ourselves.
Actually, there’re many difficult and quite intense emotions and feeling that we experience.
It’s a strong process that requires us to be strong and wise.
That’s why self-care during a crisis is not optional. So please take care of yourself wisely and watch this blog to get more psychological knowledge and inspiration.

In this video:
1. what we can control during a crisis and what we cannot
2. what it takes to solve the crisis in a positive way
3. five crucial factors to take care of yourself and others in this crisis.

Stay healthy and strong,


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“How to Use a Crisis to Grow Faster”.