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Self sabotage
in business and in life

Wednesday, 29 January 2019
9 pm – 10 pm CET


Self sabotage is blocking and boycotting your chances, relationships, success and generally good things in life.

We usually sabotage what we care about the most, what we want the most.


Because our inner Saboteur doesn’t want any changes. Doesn’t want us to be powerful, independent and free.

The Saboteur wants everything to be “as it used to be”. Because whatever we want to do is so dangerous, tiring, difficult and will not succeed anyway…

The Saboteur has his helpers: inner Critic, Anxiety, Resignation, Doubts, physical symptoms, and Comparison.

The Saboteur is strong, smart, consistent and operates “from behind the scene”.

During the webinar, we will disempower the Saboteur and will empower you. Ultimately you are the boss of your life and the Saboteur – even the smartest one – doesn’t exist without you 🙂

In the program:

  1. What is self sabotage?
  2. How to recognize it
  3. How to stop self sabotage – 3 strategies
  4. How to empower yourself

Examples of self sabotage:
Attracting problematic clients, partners, bosses…
Not finishing schools, projects, important tasks
Work below your abilities
Spending more than earning
Missing opportunities and chances
Failure to meet deadlines
Contract termination
Notorious lateness…

Sabotaging costs us tons of energy, money and good self-esteem.

Ultimately, sabotaging is punishing yourself for not being good enough. Very painful. And very human.

Join this webinar and start operating with more freedom and lightness!

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