Self Sabotage

Do you want to dis-assemble your inner Saboteur?

Do you want to learn how to escape - once and forever - from the vicious circle of:

If this is about you… please don't judge yourself, but register right now for this Free Webinar.

What will happen?

Within one hour we will pinpoint clearly how your Saboteur works on a daily basis.

Then we check what you have done so far and what you’re doing now, to change your situation.


And not only will you understand why it doesn't work, you will learn what you need to do INSTEAD to get the results you want.

I'll give you 4 specific steps to start changing your situation right now.

And I promise - it will be SIMPLE 🙂

You will know what to do and why.

Simple doesn't mean easy.

It doesn't mean that your commitment and effort won't be needed.

But it's simple when you have a backup.

And you will experience - immediately during this one hour - how the support works.

The Inner Saboteur:

Will do whatever it takes to prevent changes in your life.

Will trigger fear of LOSS, rejection, risk ...

Will remind you of past mistakes and failed attempts.

Will make constant excuses: no time, no money, what will others say, not ready ...

Will convince you that the most important thing in life is your safety and security, at any price.

Will remind you that "it's not that bad" and "you can do it tomorrow".

Will undermine your confidence so that you don't act.

The Saboteur wants you to stay where you are.

Be small. And powerless. Keep silence.

So I can totally understand that you may feel helpless, because you think you've tried everything and nothing works. I understand.

But during this webinar we'll go straight to the core of the issue and you’ll start transforming your inner pattern of sabotaging yourself right away.

Not only dismantling an immature Saboteur but activating your healthy and mature Saboteur. Yes, you have also a mature Saboteur and it works in your life all the time!

How does that sound to you?

You don't have to wait for changes.

But you have to show up for this webinar and start act differently.

You deserve to celebrate your life.

And to think well about yourself!

So go ahead and register now, because there won’t be any replay available.

So all the transformation will be taken place Live.

With appreciation, Mariola 💗

About Mariola

Mariola Wereszka is the author of the Coaching Program "The Universe Wants You To Succeed!" She offers individual coaching, Masterclass groups and webinars.

For most of her life, she lived and worked in Krakow, where she graduated from Applied Psychology and Philosophy.

She is a certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with ten years of experience in working with clinically ill patients, groups as well as with private clients.

She is also the author of the book „Psychotherapy Is My Political Party".

She is originally from Poland, then lived in Paris and in Massachusetts (USA). Since 2016 she has been living with her family in Belgium.