Have you ever been hurt or deceived? Or did you do something wrong or silly and because of that lost your project, work, money, self-confidence, good idea, energy …?

And what did you then do in that situation?

I will tell you right away that each of us has experienced something similar. Professionally or privately. This cannot be avoided. And probably it will happen to you more than once. This same to me. To everyone. By the way, don’t blame yourself for what happened.

Below are two possible scenarios that you have to choose when you lose something valuable in life or something goes wrong.


What can you do:

Recognize the situation. Estimate loss. Feel what you feel: being cheated/used/ hurt and then:

1. Decide that this will never happen to you again. Build defensive walls around you. As thick and tall as you can. And then lock yourself in your fortress, that is, within yourself and dwell in your loss. Maybe for many years. Maybe even for the rest of his life. Never trust again. Or never trust fully again.

2. Draw conclusions. Take the necessary corrective action – for yourself and others. And start another project/work/ relationship.


What the Universe can:

The moment you experience any loss, the Universe immediately creates for you alternative, positive solutions. It opens new possibilities, projects, chances, relationships, etc. It sends them to you. And waiting for your move:

1. If you are closed in your fortress, fearful of another loss, then new opportunities have no chance to reach you. They won’t break through your walls.

2. If you stay open to something new, your loss may be compensated or you will get something even bigger. Usually in a different form/circumstances/ or person.


How does it work in life:

Notice that when we are hurt, we are defenseless and most open. Our barriers usually fall. Then we naturally ask for help and accept it. And a moment later, we put on our “armor” again and usually we stiffen, even more, we build these walls, we look for revenge, etc. We have such examples around and we are taught that.

If you close yourself behind your walls, you protect yourself from anything that can hurt you and at the same time you isolate yourself from everything that can enrich you and what you desire most.

It is not about being silly or not protecting yourself. That is, being a Victim. But to develop 1. self-awareness 2. internal strength 3. ability to cope with difficult situations.

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I will talk more about our inner Victim during the next free webinar. This is one of the most toxic emotional patterns that greatly undermines our actions. Especially that it appears when something went wrong. So practically always 🙂 because if you do something with commitment, sooner or later there will be difficulties.




See you soon!


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