A relationship in which you feel loved, appreciated, safe and more engaged with time?

BUT now you feel rather helpless, confused, and maybe even guilty and angry because:

EVERY TIME, when you're in a relationship, sooner or later you start destroying it?

OR you keep attracting similar types of partners with whom you have no chance to build a lasting relationship?

EVERY TIME as soon as a valuable partner interested in you shows up, you run away?

The Saboteur can be very efficient in our romantic relationships because it activates fear of rejection, hurt and not being good enough.

Very human. And very painful.

At the same time, the inner longing for a deep bond with one person that will love and accepts us fully is something very strong in most of us.

The point is though NOT to repeat - over and over again - negative experiences in relationships that destroy our trust and positive self-esteem and NOT to cut off this deep craving for intimacy and love that nourishes and energizes us.

Let me show you how to start thinking, feeling and acting differently this time.


1. You will get clarity about how your Saboteur works in your relationships.

2. You will learn the 4 NECESSARY steps to get out of the vicious circle.

3. You will get to know the universal principles of attracting the right partners.

4. You will activate confidence necessary to start acting differently!

It's the time to move on with your life and take care of what you want the most.

Definitely you are good enough - exactly as you are -

to love fully and to be loved. Like all of us!

I’m not saying it’ll be easy and not require your commitment but

you definitely can change your inner patterns - NOW AND FOREVER -

that are in your way to your happiness.

About Mariola

Mariola Wereszka is the author of the Coaching Program "The Universe Wants You To Succeed!" She offers individual coaching, Masterclass groups and webinars.

For most of her life, she lived and worked in Krakow, where she graduated from Applied Psychology and Philosophy.

She is a certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with ten years of experience in working with clinically ill patients, groups as well as with private clients.

She is also the author of the book „Psychotherapy Is My Political Party".

She is originally from Poland, then lived in Paris and in Massachusetts (USA). Since 2016 she has been living with her family in Belgium.