Our inner Saboteur wants us to remain small, dependent, and powerless.

It sabotages the most what we desire the most and what we need the most.

The Saboteur doesn’t want any changes in our lives, doesn’t want our growth, and it will do everything to block, prevent, delay, slow it down … You probably know it.

Can we STOP it? Yes, because ultimately you are the Boss of your life 🙂 And the Saboteur, even the smartest one, doesn’t exist without you!

In this video:

1. Who is the Saboteur in us and how it works in our lives.
2. What is my approach to working with it.
3. What is the fear of change.
4. Where does the Saboteur come from.
5. What strategies does it use to stop you.
6. How does a mature Saboteur work.

With Love, Mariola

Ps. Please remember: The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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