The three most common excuses of the Saboteur are:

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t have money.
  3. I don’t know what my partner, friend, therapist, boss, mom, dad, or child… will say to it.

if you believed 100% that you can change yourself and your life, right now, would you find the time, and money for this goal, no matter what other people think about it?

Our excuses often have a rational form, but there is always, always a deeper fear beneath them:

What if I get involved and don’t get results?

What if others get results but I don’t because I’m different?

What if it turns out that when I change, I’ll lose my family and friends?

What if I don’t deserve the life I crave?

I’ve tried so many times and it has never worked, what if it happens again?

What if I’m not worthy of love, success, or my dream life… because of all my mistakes in the past?

What if this method, diet, treatment, or process… doesn’t work for me?

Can you recognize some of these fears?

The inner Saboteur is in charge…

Every one of us has one or more of these fears because… our fear of change is universal.
It’s human. It’s natural. Is unavoidable.

As Freud said: we fear the most what we crave the most…

Our inner Saboteur wants us to stay where we are. Stay powerless, doubtful, and fearless.

Let me offer you another perspective on this:

I deserve to be happy and healthy and fulfilled and successful because this is my birthright.

I’m worthy of love because I am alive.

I was born a lovable person.

Therefore I’ll do everything that’s needed and I devote as much time and energy as needed to get the results I want.

As many many people manage to change their lives I want to change mine.

If they can, I can also do it.

I’ll take care of myself.

I’ll learn to know myself.

I’ll find the support that’s best for me.
I’ll practice new perspectives on myself, my life, and others.

And learn new skills.

The Saboteur will always be there, but I’m in charge of my life, not him…

This is the goal.

And I want to help you meet your goal.

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