❓Do you feel safe in your life?

❓ In your body?

❓Are you able to trust in relationships?

❓Do you allow yourself to feel and express all your feelings?

❓Be spontaneous and authentic?

❓Can you have fun, regardless of age?

❓Do you accept your vulnerabilities and sensitivity?

All of that is an expression of your Inner Child.

Your Inner Child can have many versions: Happy Child, Innocent Child, Child of Nature, Eternal Child, Wounded Child, Adult Child, Abandoned Child …

And it’s with you all your life 🙂


  1. Who is the Inner Child?
  2. What’s its role in your life (and its impact)?
  3. Different versions of the Inner Child and different ways of being in the world and relationships.
  4. How to start a healing process.

Have a beautiful weekend,
? Mariola

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