Nothing in our lives can diminish our self-confidence, enthusiasm for taking action and positive attitude such as our inner Critic.

This is the aspect in us that will never be satisfied with what we do and who we are.

It’s the voice in you that always knows better.

How you should live your life.

And how others should live theirs.

This is the voice that makes fun of our dreams and ambitions.

It points us endlessly to our weaknesses and past mistakes.

It destroys our relationships.

And it doesn’t allow us to feel grateful and enjoy what we’ve ever achieved and what we already have.

Do you recognize this voice in you?


  1. How the Inner Critic works.
  2. What’s its function in your life.
  3. The universal rule about our mind.
  4. What are the mature and immature versions of the Critic?
  5. The three ways to mute the Critic.

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