The Loving Parent:

• gives us unconditional love and acceptance,

• perfectly understands our feelings and needs and responds to them,

• provides a sense of security and support, especially in difficult times,

• appreciates and praises us for our talents and deeds,

• and at the same time teaches us healthy boundaries so we can thrive in the world.

What would it be like if you were such a parent to yourself?

If you didn’t have to seek the praise and approval of others?

If you decided to never lose faith in yourself?

Never again abandon yourself?

You can absolutely be a loving Parent for yourself, even if you didn’t have such an experience with your biological parents.

I can see it over and over again in my clients who were wonderful parents to their siblings when they were still children, and even to their parents.

And then they continue to do so in adulthood with their partners, colleagues, patients, students, and clients … although they don’t have to.

And I see that the most difficult thing for them is to be a loving Parent to themselves…

Being a loving Parent to yourself is one of the most important skills you can develop in your life.

And of course, it will have a major impact on your relationship with your own children.


  1. Who is a loving Parent?
  2. What is its function in your life?
  3. How to be the Loving Parent to yourself?
  4. What does the Loving Parent tell the child?
  5. How your life will change when you become a loving Parent to yourself?

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